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Dear “Radical Newcastle” supporter,

The editorial collective of Radical Newcastle is currently in negotiations with a premier scholarly press in New South Wales regarding a publication contract. The publisher is very interested in the proposal that we submitted and it would be a great outcome to secure this publisher for the book. Decisions by publishing houses are often finely balanced financial decisions and we therefore need to cover as many bases as we possibly can to strengthen our chances of success when our proposal is put before the Board of the publisher.

One of the critical issues that will decide the outcome – in addition to a publication subsidy – is being able to offer a pre-sales commitment that we have a ready and interested market for “Radical Newcastle”. Judging by the turn out for the Radical Newcastle panel at the Newcastle Writers Festival earlier this year we have no doubt there is a viable market for our book. Furthermore, we already know, for instance, that Newcastle Trades Hall will purchase 20 copies of the book.

What we would like to do in the first instance is to get from you – our most dedicated Radical Newcastle supporters – an indication of your intention to pre-purchase one copy of the book. If we could get a strong indication that our immediate network would agree to pre-purchase say a total of 100 copies of the book, this would be a major factor in our favour.

Saying that you would be interested in purchasing a copy, in no way binds you to actually do so, we are only seeking expressions of interest at this stage to get an idea of the volume we need to order.

Please let us know if you would be interested in possibly purchasing a copy or copies by sending an email to the following address:

Thank you for your patience with this process and for your continuing support.

All the best,
James Bennett
For the Radical Newcastle editorial collective