Concept Map

Concept Mapping for “Radical Newcastle” Project

Preliminary Ideas

Here is a list of topics covering People, Places and Events based mostly on contributor expressions of interest to March 2011 together with links to archival listings and digitised resources in the University of Newcastle’s Cultural Collections:

1.    Aboriginal resistance and Indigenous and non-Indigenous activism
a.    J.J. Moloney
b.    Aboriginal support groups
c.    Reconciliation – Yallowah Place/ Black Feather White Feather Exhibition


Virtual Sourcebook for Aboriginal Studies in the Hunter Region or

Aboriginal Research Collections held in Cultural Collections

Yallowah Place – An Act of Reconciliation

2.    Convict rebels


Coal River Working Party – History


3.    The labour movement
a.    CPA in Newcastle (1920-40)
b.    CPA and the “Silksworth” dispute
c.    Rothbury Riot
d.    1949 coal strike
e.    1945 steel strike
f.    1890 Maritime Strike?
g.    1925 Seamen’s Strike??
h.    1915 Darby Street

Hunter Region Labour History Archives


4.    Heritage campaigns and citizens’ action
a.    Citizens’ Earthquake Action Group
b.    “Save our Rail” campaign
c.    The National Trust and campaigns for particular sites in Newcastle and Hunter
d.    Hills Residents’ group
e.    Anti-toboggan slide at Glenrock Reserve
f.    Mayfield Residents’ Group
g.    James Fletcher Hospital
h.    Catherine Hill Bay Community Group

5.    Environmentalism and direct action
a.    Smoke abatement
b.    Rising Tide
c.    Climate Action Newcastle
d.    Newcastle Greens and the Greens’ newsletters, 1980s-90s
e.    Mining and protest action against coal export trade
f.    Forest action
g.    Parks and Playground Movement
h.    Trees in Newcastle (including Tree Towners)
i.    Surf-riders
j.    Theology and eco-theology especially on climate change
k.    Stockton Bight


Parks and Playgrounds Movement – Archives Listing and current Blog

6.    Anti-war protest
a.    First World War and anti-conscription campaign
b.    Women and anti-conscription
c.    Trade Union Ani-conscription Collections
d.    Brian Laut

7.    Protest and radical political activism in the Depression era
a.    Tighes Hill anti-eviction riot /Battle of Clara St.
b.    Secret armies

8.    Religion and radical clergy
a.    Alf Clint
b.    Quaker activism
c.    Burgmann, church activists and the Great Depression
d.    Methodists

9.    Education in Newcastle
a.    The University of Newcastle
b.    UoN Staff Association
c.    UoN Students’ Association?
d.    Radical teachers
e.    Newcastle Teachers’ College


Newcastle University Students’ Association (NUSA) Archives Listing

10.    Social movements
a.    Women’s movement
b.    International Women’s Day
c.    Radicalism of Barbara Curthoys (1950-1990)
d.    Gay and lesbian movement: recognition of same sex relationships


The Barbara Curthoys Collection Archival Listing

11.    Business and revolutionary change
a.    Role of BHP in mechanising coal mining (and implications for work practices and safety)
b.    Retail and producer co-ops


Hunter Valley Business Archives

12.    Social action and radical lives
a.    Vera Deacon
b.    Margaret Henry
c.    Peter Bowling
d.    Jim Comerford
e.    Jack Baddeley (NSW Deputy Premier)
f.    Joy Cummings (Australia’s first female Lord Mayor)
g.    James Oliver?
h.    James Fletcher?
i.    Donna Mulhearn (human shield in Iraq)
j.    Peter Gray
k.    Doug Lithgow
l.    Moya Farrell, teacher, peace activist, 1941 – 2000
m.    Patrick McGorry (mental health champion & 2010 Aussie of the Year)
n.    Conor Ashleigh (social justice activist photojournalist & 2011 Nctle Young Citizen of the Year)

13.    Political thought, agendas for change and radical action by the state
a.    Radicals in local and state government
b.    Free Thinkers and responses to Russian Revolution
c.    Political pamphlets
d.    Military occupations of the Hunter Valley

14.    Radical sites
a.    Islington Park (political speeches)
b.    CPA HQ (Hunter St.)
c.    Clara St, Tighes Hill
d.    Rothbury
e.    Lambton colliery (BHP)
f.    Blackbutt Reserve
g.    Star Hotel riot

15.    Radicalism and the creative arts
a.    Environmental activism and music
i.     folk songs
ii.    Rap music
iii.    Protest songs
b.    Political cartoons
c.    Photo journalism
d.    Visual representations
i.    Lockout – documentary on Rothbury
ii.    Aftershocks – book, play and documentary: Paul Brown and Newcastle Trades Hall Council: Workers’ Cultural Action Committee
iii.    “nowhere here in the middle” – documentary by Newcastle video activist Tara Jones on Aboriginal rights
iv.    DVD doco by Simon Cunich et al on bus tour of coal-impacted areas of NSW

  1. […] public meetings have been held and a concept map of potential topic has been drafted. (see it here: The ideas range from Aboriginal Reconciliation initiatives, the Rothbery Riots, the push for a […]

  2. Jim Burns says:

    Just back in N’cle after many years. Lived here early 1960s when I was known as Jamie Burns, folk, blues, jazz singer, poet, actor. Worked as teacher (primary, ESL, Art, World History) in PNG, NSW, Vic, & Laos. Now also permaculturist, visual artist, storyteller etc. Happy to be involved in anything on the Concept Map. Also – does anyone recall the free-thinking, free-wheeling mob, loosely allied to the old jazz club, but also uni students, workers, petty crims, poets, artists, etc who foregathered at Arthur Greenhall’s old Beach Hotel, (crn Watt & King Sts) for long raves on every conceivable subject? From the mid-60s, many went on to change the face of music, visual arts, education etc in Australia & elsewhere. Love to hear from anyone who was there then, & is still here, now!

  3. What about Harry Hooton – radical poet who had a stint in late 30’s/early40’s?

  4. Wow that is amazing Jim, are you attending on Friday? Would be good to meet you to discuss.

  5. Jim (Jamie) Burns says:

    Be there Fri with bells on. Chat then… j

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