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The RAD Exhibition will take place in 2017 at the Newcastle Museum. The exhibition is inspired by the Radical Newcastle book (2015) and unearths the long history of ‘radicalism’ in the Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Radical Newcastle Book.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! We are currently scoping historic material for the exhibition, such as banners, posters and items associated with ‘radical’ events. If you have an object that relates to an interesting story about ‘Radical Newcastle’ and the Hunter region we would love to hear from you!

RN 2a

Global conditions have shaped local experiences and through radical activism and campaigns defined people of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. From European occupation, social and political protest became an increasingly global affair often continuing traditions and patterns of protest and dissent from the United Kingdom. The economy of the region was supported by convict labour and saw the development of the coal mining industry. It was this industry that became most associated with Newcastle and its history of radicalism. Riots and strikes are part of a long tradition of political activism that lives on in the present.RN 2

A distinctive feature of the region’s radicalism has been environmental activism. Many battles have been fought that brought about a strong desire for transparency and reform.  Radicalism has also infused the cultural life of Newcastle with workers responding to aspects of life that could enrich the lives of others through education, drama, music and art. Many of the campaigns draw attention to a widely shared vision of the region as one which should provide its residents with safe work, fair pay, self-determination and a sustainable future.

The exhibition will pay tribute to the region’s past and present-day radicals and their commitment to improving the lives of those around them, and those who have come later. The exhibition will reveal many stories of protest and fighting back and some of the recent battles by activists influenced by global issues, such as climate change and child sexual abuse.  Charting the region’s radical history is a constant battle against forgetting.

The main themes are Radicalism in a Global Context, Radical Campaigns &  Radical Activists.

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Kindly supported by Cultural Collections, University of Newcastle Library & the Hunter (Living) Histories Initiative