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On Friday 2 December 2011 The University Gallery hosted the Radical Newcastle Colloquium.

This all day event, featured historians, activists, public intellectuals and the wider community in examining and discussing a broad array of topics from sex and abortion to radical clergy, environmental activism and politics.

Here is a selection of the videos recorded on the day

Newcastle Greens was formed in mid-1990 with the express purpose of contesting the 1991 Local Government election. At this election, John Sutton was elected to Newcastle City Council – becoming the equal first Greens councillor elected to Local Government anywhere in Australia.

Since then Newcastle Greens has stood candidates in every Local, State and Federal election, consistently achieving good results which have helped to win seats for The Greens in the NSW Legislative Council and the Senate.

In 1995, when Newcastle City Council adopted the ward system, three Greens councillors were elected to the Council: John Sutton, Margaret Henry and Liz Rene. At the 1999 elections, Margaret Henry was returned for another term, along with Ian McKenzie.

In 2004, Newcastle Greens won four seats on the Council, the successful councillors being: Ian McKenzie (Ward 1), Michael Osborne (Ward 2), Keith Parsons (Ward 3) and Cassandra Arnold (Ward 4).

In 2008, Newcastle Greens achieved the highest Green vote to date for both Newcastle and Lake Macquarie City Councils.  Despite this, only one Greens councillor (Michael Osborne in Ward 1) was elected in Newcastle. However, for the first time, two Greens were elected in Lake Macquarie (Hannah Gissane, North Ward and Phillipa Parsons, East Ward).

In the early 1990s, Newcastle Greens mentored the formation of Maitland Greens and later, the Central Coast Greens. We have also given financial support to other Greens organisations to assist their election campaigns, as well as to local environmental and social justice groups. Since our formation, our members have been actively involved in the progressive social change movement in campaigns and organisations in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

As one of the largest local groups within the structure of the state and national Greens Party, Newcastle Greens has been active and influential in both organisational and policy debates and decisions within The Greens NSW and the Australian Greens, and local members have served in both state and national positions within the Party.


Although these Archives are available on Open Access, the Newcastle Greens would appreciate being advised of your reasons for using them. We particularly request students or researchers who are undertaking an academic thesis, or other written projects that may lead to publication, to contact:

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The records were deposited by Beverly Symons and Ross Edmonds in December 2009 and accessioned May 2011 by Ms Melanie Patfield. The listing of the archival collections was made possible by the kind generosity of the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund.