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  1. Hi Peter

    I represent Newcastle East Residents Group who reside in the Newcastle East Heritage Precinct.

    Newcastle East is a unique Heritage area that is made up of aged citizens many disabled and is now gentrifying in favour of young residents with children. There is a major disconnect between the resident demographics and those that attend V8 events.

    It was due to your lobbying in the 1970s that Newcastle East was preserved as a conservation and Heritage Zone area all in a 40 Km zone.

    Most of the terraces in Newcastle East are constructed with sandstone bricks –not ideal for the vibrations of a racetrack to come and the capstone of Newcastle East the Fort is prone to subsidence (yes the V8s are also going around this)

    Destination NSW, V8s and Newcastle City Council have done a SECRET deal that place the racetrack for the V8s in the middle of the sandstone terraces that have no off street carparking.

    There are also other long term issues at stake. The loss of facility in this heritage terrace area as the road changes provide numerous hoons an invitation to drag race for the next five years. This poses numerous other risks.

    The Major Events Act that had its inception with the Macdonald fraud gives Destination NSW and V8s carte blanch to rape and pillage this heritage zone, tear down trees , and destroy parks, emit methane gases and impair hearing loss with their noise

    The Newcastle East residents were not consulted as the event was forced on the residents by state government instrumentalities and council.


    1. Section 51 and S57 of the Major Events Act were not complied with and nil controls are in place to protect citizens against this destructive taxpayer funded street pop up event.
    2. “Best Practice for Major Events” as recommended by the Attorney General in “Government Investment in V8 Supercar Races at Olympic Park” were not followed by the State Government

    All government instrumentalities are touting economic benefits. But, the below go against that viewpoint,

    1. the Homebush and Canberra ICAC findings showed there were cost overruns, exaggerated economic benefits and many adverse community affects.
    2. The Homebush employer groups cheered when the race would be there for the last time
    3. John Wilson a senior lecturer joined the University of South Australia in 2004 after completing his PhD in Economics at the University of Adelaide. His doctoral work in public choice and corruption focussed on how special interest groups influence and evade policy and the interaction between different forms of corruption and political competition. He states that the V8s make some people feel good but had neutral to negative economic benefits to communities.

    I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer with this abuse of state government power

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