Green Conscience: The Ongoing Struggle for a Clean Green Newcastle – A History

Posted: 10/05/2011 in environmental activism, parks and reserves

From the Introduction:

We live in a society where conspicuous consumption is often applauded, or envied, rather than deplored. In a society where most of the people live in poverty, the principle that ‘more is better’ applies. However, when a society becomes affluent this is no longer the case. Many of our problems originate in the fact that some people have not yet grasped this simple truth.

One of the problems emanating from this state of affairs is the depletion of natural resources and the pollution of our land, air and water. This book gives a brief account of some of the groups who have attempted to restore a balance, or sanity, into the debate about where we, as a society, are heading.

In the area of what may loosely be called “environmental history”, surprisingly little has been written about the Newcastle Region. Two notable works are: John Ramsland, A History of Blackbutt Nature Reserve, (unpublished manuscript in Newcastle Library and Auchmuty Library), 1988; and Patricia Withers, The Origin and Development of the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens 1981-1989, 1994.

Typically books which survey aspects of Australian history provide only brief mentions of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. It is wishful thinking to imagine that people outside the Hunter will write our history. We need to do it ourselves and, in any case, who is better qualified?

Ross Edmonds
Project Supervisor
Wesley Uniting Employment

[DOWNLOAD] Green Conscience: The Ongoing Struggle for a Clean Green Newcastle – A History   (1.4MB PDF)


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