Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australia (Newcastle Branch)

Posted: 08/04/2011 in industrial disputes, labour history, religion, unions

Conduit: Mr Alan Williams.  Deposited: February 2000.
Accessioned: November 2006 by Mr Peter Gray Brattan

The listing was made possible by the kind generosity of the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund.

Quantity: 2 boxes and 28 volumes

Date Range: 1918- 1983

Formerly known as the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australasia, the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australia began as separate state-organised unions who achieved federation in 1899, and were finally registered federally in 1916.  Comprised of skilled tradesmen, the Australia-wide union occupied a strategic position within the Australian engineering industry and maintained strong links with the mining and railway industries. A short history of the Union’s foundation and early years can be found in the collection at C825(vii).

The Union subsequently amalgamated with the Amalgamated Metal Workers’ and Shipwrights’ Union in 1983.

The collection dates from 1918 through to 1983, and has a full record of meeting minutes from 1941 through to 1983. The financial accounts record is imperfect, lacking records for the period 1964 to 1975. The collection also includes a number of pamphlet publications and some correspondence material.

The meeting records from 1962-1963 are of particular interest. During this period major industrial disputes took place, sparked by the attempted resignation from the compulsory union of a Novocastrian, who wished to resign from the union on religious grounds.

Listings of related material include material held in the Auchmuty Library Cultural Collections, reference numbers:

A6053(xiv) Issues of ‘The Federated Moulder’, journal of the Federated Moulders’  Union of Australasia, predecessor to the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australia (1 box), and; B5579 – B5583 Minute Books and Journals of the Federated Moulders’ Union of Australasia 1918-1936 (5 volumes).

C801 Minute Book, 24th February 1941 – 19th October 1942

C802 Minute Book, 19th October 1942 – 30th August 1943

C803 Minute Book, 6th September 1943 – 9th August 1944

C804 Minute Book, 9th July 1945 – 10th February 1947

C805 Minute Book, 17th February 1947 – 9th May 1949

C806 Minute Book, 8th may 1949 – 11th May 1953

C807 Minute Book, 18th May 1953 – 19th November 1956

C808 Minute Book, 26th November 1956 – 8th June 1959

C809 Minute Book, 22nd June 1959 – 5th June 1962

C810 Minute Book, 5th June 1962 – 30th November 1964

C811 Minute Book, 30th November 1964 – 12th June 1967

C812 Minute Book, 19th June 1967 – 27th April 1970

C813 Minute Book, 27th April 1970 – 27th March 1972

C814 Minute Book, 27th March 1972 – 8th April 1974, also shows accounts for 13th October 1958 – 30th June 1964

C815 Minute Book, 8th April 1974 – 7th February 1977

C816 Minute Book, 7th February 1977 – 21st April 1980

C817 Minute Book, 21st April 1980 – 19th April 1982

C818 Minute Book, 19th April 1982 – 24th January 1983

C819 Account Ledger, 18th June 1928 – 17th July 1944

C820 Account Ledger, 24th August 1944 – 1st July 1945

C821 Account Ledger, 30th June 1946 – 2nd October 1958

C822 Account Ledger, 1st July 1944 – 30th June 1964 (see also C814)

C823 Account Ledger, 28th January 1975 – 21st December 1981

C824 Account Ledger, 31st December 1981 – 8th November 1982

C825 (i) Statements of receipts and payments, 31st December 1942 – 30th June 1959, and Federal secretary’s annual reports 1959 and 1975

C825 (ii) Correspondence, Statement by A. Williams, Newsletter re: The Pickard Case

C825 (iii) Acts and Regulations relevant to the moulders’ industry, 1912 – 1955

C825 (iv) Newspaper clippings, pre 1963 – 1966, most undated, covering the Pickard case

C825 (v) 30 issues of ‘The Australian Foundry Worker’, pamphlet publication of the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australia, January 1959 – May 1973, imperfect

C825 (vi) Revenue Accounts of the Commonwealth Steel Co. Ltd. Moulders’ Disputes Committee, October 1962 – May 1963

C825 (vii) Pamphlet, ‘History of the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) union of Australia 1858 – 1958’, The Worker Print, 1958

C825 (viii) Account ledger, 20th July 1981 – 13th December 1982

C825 (ix) Membership Ticket Book of the Federated Moulders’ (Metals) Union of Australia, 1966

C825 (x) Membership Declaration Slips (13), 10th July 1961 – 30th August 1982.


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