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Est. 1952.

Date range: 1958 – 2004.
Conduit: Doug Lithgow, President
Accessioned: March 2007

The Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement (NPPM) was formed as an offshoot of the Sydney based Parks and Playgrounds Movement in 1952. Its Constitution was adopted on 26 November 1951.

The objectives of the Movement were “the preservation and development of present recreation and playground spaces in the Newcastle and the north, the development of additional reservations for parks and playgrounds, and the encouragement of beautification of streets, highways and public lands.” The movement was also interested in the establishment, development and ongoing care of national parks and reserves.

One of the earliest campaigns of the Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement was for the creation of Blackbutt reserve, near Lambton.

A large dossier on the proposal and campaign for the Newcastle East Historic Site, (Coal River Heritage Precinct) dated 1969, retains relevance for contemporary planning debates about the public use of the Newcastle East area.

Contact sheets and correspondence are interspersed with chronological minutes, thus campaign information can be most easily found by reference to the minute books.

The Collection was accessioned in March 2007 by Mr Peter Gray – Brattan, and made possible by the kind generosity of the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund.

Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement (N.P.P.M.) –  Minute Books

C830 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (22/8/1958 – 23/7/1965)

C831 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (27/8/1965 – 28/7/1967)

C832 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (23/8/1967 – 24/11/1972)

C833 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (23/3/1973 – 24/9/1980)

C834 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (31/10/1980 – 25/11/83)

C835 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (25/11/1983 – 6/12/1985)

C836 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (1/1/1986 – 30/9/1988)

C837 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (17/11/1988 – 28/11/1994)

C838 N.P.P.M. Minute Book (30/1/1995 – 29/2/2003)

Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement (N.P.P.M.) –  Campaigns

C839 (i) N.P.P.M. Proposal – Newcastle East ‘Historic Site’ (28/5/1969)

C839 (ii) Honeysuckle Scheme Information (Undated)

C839 (iii) N.P.P.M. Proposal – Newcastle Iron and Steelmaking BHP Theme Park (15/6/2000)

C839 (iv) Stockton Bight to Watagan Mountains Conservation Corridor Proposal (9/11/2003)

C839 (v) Lake Macquarie City Council report – Morriset – Proposed Subdivision Creating 10 Residential Lots And 1 Road – D/2003/4159
N.P.P.M. – Coal River Precinct information and correspondence.

Oral History Tapes

A6968 (iib)
Interviewer: Vicki Neech
Interviewee: Doug Lithgow
Topic: Conservation and the history of The Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement
Quantity: 2 audio tapes
Source: University of Newcastle (Department of Community Programmes) – Open Foundation Course – K.M. Henry – Australian History 1989 Programmes


Online Resources:

Parks and Playgrounds Movement Inc Blog – Contains reports, entries on ongoing campaigns as well as archived website covering years prior to the establishment of the online blog  2000-2008.


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